First Long Vacation in Yogyakarta

Hello! Long time no see yaa. I would like to tell you about my first long vacation after about 3 months living in Yogyakarta. This vacation actually was unplanned trip. When it was about 11 PM I got a call from Prawita and she asked me to join her and Judith to go to Goa Pindul on the next day at 6 AM. Some people said that unplanned trip was the best, well, I thought so. Hahaha
Then on Sunday, 24-11-2013 we went to that place, we rent a car with a driver, so we won't lost. The trip was sooooo long, Goa Pindul is so far away from Sleman. It took about 2 hours to get there. But time means nothing when we get there, because Goa Pindul is amazing. There we explored the cave by tube and then play in a river. We also tried to jump from 1,5 meters and 4 meters high.
After playing in Goa Pindul, we went to the next destination: beach! We went to Kukup Beach, that is also so far away from Goa Pindul. The beach panorama is good, it's surrounded by the cliff, but the beach in Bali is still the best.

this is me, Prawita, and Judith

Inside the cave

This is Oyo River

See ya on the next post! xoxo

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