bittersweet17th private party

saturday, 17th march 2012, was an important day to me. why? because on this day i celebrated my 'sweet' 17th birthday with my friends. it was held in sanur, from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. i just invited some of my close friends, X1, kentals, and my seatmate from jhs. that's why it called private party. i was very happy although that party full of 'kacek kurang briefing' hehehe
bigthanks to my sister yanie pratiwi, because this party was her idea. and happy a quarter of century birthday to you, sister! :*

random words from them

me (in pink dress) and my X1 mates

pria-pria kesepian

cewek-cewek X1


depik (white blouse) is almost in all photos! lol

minutes after this party ended, that was a terrible storm. seriously i couldn't believe what was happened. fortunately, all of my friends went home before the storm. anyway, thanks for coming, pals! me love you xoxo♥

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