so hard to pass this week

Hey bloggers, actually I don't have enough time to blogging via pc. I wrote this post by my own handphone. You know what? This week was soooooo hard to pass. Almost all the teachers do the exam this week. On last monday, I had physics exam by Pak Sugita. The next day was english test from Bu Wardhani. On Wednesday, I did biology presentation about nervous system, Balinese test (but it was cancelled) and mathematics test from Bu Dharma. Today, I did chemistry test from Pak Suarya and PKn from Bu Cok. Tomorrow, I'll do Hinduism Religion test. Ooooh bloggers, it was very very hard to me to study all the subjects. I come to GO everyday in this week because of this exams. And after I study hard for all the exams, what I get? I still don't understand and then I failed in all exams. Oh God why it's so hard to successed in all exams :(

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