getting closer with XI IPA 1 :)

hey bloggie, long time no see huh?
it's been ±5 months I study with new classmates, XI IPA 1. First, when I know I got this class, I was very very sad. Why? Because I'm no longer together with my previous class, X.1. and I think it will be very difficult to study among smart people, such as Danny, Raka, Nugraha, Diah, Mojo, etc. but, after I spent ±5months with them, it’s not as bad as I thought. they're friendly and amazing. this class is also fun, not so different with my previous class. not so different because 16 people in this class are from X.1 hehe

although it's just 5 months, I felt many experience with Kompas. The awkward one is Kompas have an exchange student named Jake. He is from USA. But I think Kompas didn't treat him well. hahaha. Why? Of course because of the language problem. He only talks with Pramana, his seatmate. The other experience that we've been through are go to PF2N (Pekan Flori Flora Nasional), join the futsal competition (but we were lose -.-), celebrate judith's birthday, bolos di kantin lalu tiba2 gempa, and many other experience in or outside the class~

i hope we can getting closer and closer and closer, kompas :)

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  1. Halo, Nindya ;) Jake itu bukan pertukaran pelajar dari Amerika ya? Anyway cool post, Nindya :) Just blogwalked :D

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    Meisa K :)

  2. dia cuma 10 bulan di bali kak,kayaknya dia pertukaran pelajar, tapi gak tau ditukar sama siapa hehe

  3. Wuaah,, keren ada student exchange. sekolah ku ngga ada




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